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   Lunch & Dinner   

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Barley Couscous Taco Meat

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Fried Couscous

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Chicken & Onion Couscous

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Cordon Bleu Barley Soup

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Barley Con Pollo


Barley Taco Soup

“Just tried their Cajun Couscous and it was FABULOUS!!!!!”

— David Moss

“I recently taste tested the Barley Couscous over at Allen & Peterson last week and I must say it was absolutely the best tasting couscous I have ever had. The added knowledge of health benefits and how it’s grown locally in Alaska was great! They even took the time to explain possible ways of incorporating Barley into my current family favorites! I ran to the store and bought my first bag of original Barley Couscous and I have already finished the entire bag!”

— Samantha LaChar 

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