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What is Parallel 64?

Product development is an essential part of our business but the most important step in developing a new product is getting feedback from our customers. The purpose of Parallel 64 is to give its members a chance to try new products that are in the final stages of development and give us feedback. 

Parallel 64 is only available to local residents of Delta Junction, Alaska. The success and quality of our products have a direct reflection on our community so we feel it's important to hear from you as we continue to expand our local product line of foods grown and manufactured right here in Delta Junction. 

How it works:

After signing up your email will be added to our data base. When we have a new product that needs to be sampled you will receive an email or text description of what we are working on. If it's a product you would like to try then we will give you a package for free in exchange for a survey response. You should complete the survey within a week of receiving the sample. We will evaluate the results of your response to determine if any final changes need to be made before we put the new product on the market. 

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